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What is the stance of the Government on North East merger, queries Eastern CM

The Government should reveal first as to what is its stance on the merger of North and East. The good Governance Government has undertaken activities attempting to degenerate the unity among the Tamil and Muslim people using the merger of the two provinces, said the Chief Minister of Eastern Province Habis Naseer Ahamed.

The past governments also engaged in disturbing the unity of the minorities. The Good Governance government is also doing the same thing. The Government should announce its stance as to whether the North and East will be merged or not. Then only the Tamil and Muslim leaders could announce their stances

The TNA, the sole representatives of Tamil people and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, the sole Representatives of Muslim could discuss among them and reach a decision. The advantages and dis advantages of the merger should be also discussed. Because, the solutions of both factions are included in this and the Tamil – Muslim inter racial unity also depends on it.

Any proper political solution could be reached only with the unity of the minorities. A solid solution could not be found excluding neither the Muslim community nor Tamil Community. The present Government which has understood this well is engaging in activities having the merger as a pretext. The minorities should give no place for this.

Some politicians are trying to detract  Muslim people, for their own agenda. Tamil and Muslim communities being united is the order of the day.If not, the political solution could not be obtained even in this present context, he said.