Tuesday 7 July 2020
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Stance of TPC regarding LG Elections

Stance of TPC regarding LG Elections

Followingcontradicting news items published in Newspapers and websites, for the past few days,  regarding the  TPC and the LG Elections the TPC Organizing Group has clearly announced its stance regarding the LG Election, the TPC circles said.

In a context where some media are publishing distorted news  in order to disturb the activities of the TPC, it has decided that, in order to confirm the stance of the TPC, the Organizing committee should meet and clarify the stance of the TPC to the people and that it should be convened soon for this purpose.

The Organizing Group has clarified the stance of the TPC as follows:

  • The Council will not prevent any political party in the TPC from contesting Elections.
  • The Council also will not interfere in the individual freedom of contesting the Elections.
  • The Council will not indulge in election politics.
  • The Council will firmly pursue its policies.
  • The Council will accept respectfully the mandate.

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