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State Minister Wijekala helped Swiss Kumar to escape, the judgment in Vidya’s case notes

MP, Wijekala Maheswaran helped  Mahalingam Sasikumar alias Swiss Kumar to escape for the first time. It is a mistake on her part that after she saved him from the people, she had not handed  him over to the police, one of the Judges in the Vidya’s case, M. Ilancheliyan  had said in his Judgement.

MP, Wijekala Maheswaran had gone to the spot at around 11.00p.m. and had asked the people not to assault him and saved Swiss Kumar. That is a good deed. But, the first question she asked was ” Are you the elder brother of Sasi?” …. who is Sasi? He is the person who had been arrested that evening and under investigation at the time.  She had waited there for 2 hours and handed over him safely before going away from the spot.

Meanwhile Vidya’s mother had thanked everybody who had worked hard on behalf of Vidya. No mother should cry like me. No other girl should be subjected to the cruelties done to Vidya.

I thank the three judges, Police Officers, and the Attorneys at Law. I thank on behalf of Vidya to those who had suffered for Vidya and had got assaulted for Vidya. I also thank the media which raised their voice on behalf of Vidya.

I bring together my hands in gratitude to all the above good hearts. No mother should cry like me and no girl should suffer the cruelty to which vidya was subjected she said. It is notable that the AAL appeared for the condemned suspects said the they will appeal immediately again the Trial-at-Bar judgment.