Sunday 31 May 2020
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STF enters Jaffna Campus creating tension

STF enters Jaffna Campus creating tension

Tension was caused by entrance of the STF into the University of Jaffna Premises yesterday. Police later said they came in chasing two students. However, the STF and the Police who earlier entered the campus later went away.

Activities of intimidating the students had occurred with the University administration staying a mere spectator, and allowed the STF in and refused to close the gates. Hence, tension prevailed near the gates for some time and students dispersing after some time.

This incident had occurred at around 6 p.m., with STF men coming in 3 Motorcycles and two policemen on another motor cycle.

The STF and the Police was chasing two persons travelling on a Motorcycle and following those persons entering the campus the STF also had come behind with their weapons.

Further, as problems arose in identifying the person who had entered, the students who had accumulated for an event had been threatened by them. The students had insisted with the administration to close the gate.

The students have accused that the administration allowed the STF who had threatened them.They also insisted that the administration should take action on the intimidation of students by the STF.

Police had said that the persons chased by them are University students and they were chasing them for improper driving.

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