Tamil Diplomat

STF vacated Youth Brigade Training Centre in Mannar, yesterday.

The STF unit which was occupying the Youth Brigade Training Centre, located on Mannar – Thalaimannar Main Road, vacated the building yesterday morning. The STF occupied and used the Youth Brigade Training Centre located near the 2nd mile post junction on the Mannar – Thalaimannar main road, for more than 8 years. It was also being used as the District Head Quarters of the STF.

Earlier the Navy had located one of their camps here taking into consideration the sea area behind it and the Mannar – Thalaimannar in front of it and operated as a check point. In the context of the officers responsible for the building not takin over it for several months the STF ‘captured’ it and set up their camp there.

Following several request from the people to MP, Selvam Adaikalanathan to obtain it from the STP, he had brought this to the notice of the Prime minister and as per orders of Ranil, the STF have vacated the building and the building has been handed over to the relevant department.