Thursday 16 July 2020
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Stop and review the housing project: NPC chairman urges President and PM

Stop and review the housing project: NPC chairman urges President and PM

In a letter addressed to the president, the prime minister and the Minister of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation and Resettlement, the Chairman of the of the Northern Provincial Council C.V.K. Sivagnanam has highlighted eight points that should be looked into, regarding this housing project.

“Construction of 65,000 iron or steel houses in the Northern Province should be stopped and reviewed, and that a project that would suit the local conditions should be implemented”   Sivagnanam said.

According to the letter, various points have been reached after the matter was discussed at the councils sitting on March 24, 2016.

The letter notes that the Northern Provincial Council welcomes and appreciates the proposal to implement a housing project for war-affected people of the province, but adds that the council is disappointed that it was not consulted regarding the project.

It also stated that the sum allocated for the construction of a single house, which is Rs.2.1 million, is exorbitant and also adds that at least two cement concrete houses could be constructed at the same cost.

It further notes that the protection and the security of the houses are questionable, and that the pre cast iron steel houses would not suit the climatic conditions of the Northern Province.

In conclusion, the Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council says that it should not be construed as his council being against the provision of houses to the affected people and that dissatisfaction is only being expressed over the pre -cast iron/ steel housing project.

One thought on “Stop and review the housing project: NPC chairman urges President and PM

  1. K.Kunabalasingam

    I note with deep regret of accommodations in place for those victims.
    The kind of constructions stated may be suited to a different climate
    and for a short term as it suggests that has to be assembled with the ready made components/ materials.

    The people may not have used to this kind of ready made houses of which may not last long and possibly the contractors assume that these are of temporary nature.

    It looks like a systematic business on profit among business in between or among various contractors. They obviously expect no discontents from the recipient and thought that they are also part of charitable contributors.
    So the story tends to be repeating on those victims once again?


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