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Stop arresting former militants, they need acknowledgement to live: NPC CM insists with EU reps

While insisting European Community representatives that the Police and Army should stop the practice of arresting former militants for crimes perpetrated anywhere in the country, the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council, C.V.Wigneswaran also said that activities should be undertaken in a way that the former militants receive acknowledgement for their living.

The Actg. High Commissioner for European Union Paul and a group of his representatives made a visit to the North yesterday and had a discussion with the CM at his Office located at Kaithady.

Speaking to the media after the meeting the CM said that they asked me about how they can help the people of Northern Province.

I told them that there is a compulsory need for proper plans to be devised to raise the livelihoods of war widows and former militants. The former militants had to be provided with livelihood assistance and integrated into the society.

They said that they provided assistance to people affected by war and we will continue to provide them. They asked me that could be done to preserve peace and reconciliation.

I told them that war Crimes investigation should be held Peace and reconciliation could be created only if truths are found out and justice delivered for whatever injustices caused.

An awareness should be created among University communities, parliament Members and Provincial members that power devolution is beneficial to the whole country. Then only, solution could found for problems of the Tamil people.

I told them that the government should speedy action in Chief Minister’s Fund and that the World countries should continue to monitor whether the GOSL is acting as promised in Geneva, he said.