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Stop immediately the construction work on erecting a Buddha statue, NPC adopts resolution

A resolution was adopted in the Northern Provincial Council calling for the immediate stoppage of construction of Buddhist statue in close proximity to Iranaimadu Kanagambihai temple and to remove the Buddhist statue immediately.

The 59th sitting of the NPC was held yesterday at the NPC Secretariat. During this sitting the above resolution was adopted unanimously.

The temple at Iranaimadu was established by Yogar Swamy 1957 with Iranaimadu as the “theerththakarai.”. 13 .5 acre land belonged to the temple earlier. But only 9 acre remain with the Temple.

At a time when Rajagopura constructions started , the Army has commenced work for 90’ high Buddha Statue, in an area where Tamils live  exclusively.. This has caused much suspicion and an urgent resolution had been proposed by Member Pasupathypillai and adopted unanimously.