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Strips for minorities removed: Gota’s supporters with desecrated National Flags

The supporters of Gota , another of the Rajapakse brothers , demonstrated yesterday with National Flags sans the orange and green strips representing minority races, Tamils and Muslims. These flags were also seen in the hands of MPs, Dallas Alagaperuma, Sarath Weerasekara,  and WPC member Uthaya Gammanpilla.

Use of these desecrated National flags are seen as Deliberate expression of racist thoughts,  by neutral  political analysts. They say that this is another effort to kindle or sow racist thoughts among Sinhala Masses. Distorting the national flag is a punishable Offence.

The Colombo police said that, inquiries against the use of distorted National Flags had been commenced , and a report will be submitted to the Courts.

Meanwhile, the Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said that action will be taken against the organizers of the protest Rally in violation of the court order prohibiting  protest rallies in front of Bribery commission.

Flag 2