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Struggle at Pilakudiyiruppu enters 11th day with support surging from all around

The PilaKudiyiruppu people who are on a struggle demanding the release of their lands occupied by the Air Force. Support for their struggle is increasing on daily basis.

Meanwhile, a Facebook update quoted the strugglers as saying that they  used to hear wailing sound crying in Tamil, from the Air Force base in the middle of the nights, creating speculation that there may a torture chamber within the Air Force camp and that is the reason behind the Air Force not releasing the lands.

However the support for them is mounting not only but also in South.

* Ilankai Tamil Teachers Association has announced at Pilakudiyiruppu itself that if the struggle is not brought to an amicable end all schools in the North will be paralyzed.

*All University Student’s Federation has announced that their support will continue till a solution is reached for the demands of the people.

*Integrated Public Organization for Social Justice held an attention drawing protest with a theme of “Army!  get out of people’s lands” at the Vavuniya Bus stand on Friday at 8.00 a.m.

* Mannar Citizen Group has pledged its support to the protestors at Pilavukudiyiruppu, saying that due solution should be reached for their demands.

*All Ceylon Government General employees union has passed a resolution calling  the government to hand over the lands of people of Plavukudiyirruppu immediately.