Tamil Diplomat

Struggle will go on till president gives his assurance: TPPs

We are not going to believe anybody’s assurance except the Presidents, said the Tamil political prisoners  (TPPs) who are detained for long time in prison. They said this after re-commencing their fast – unto death after being not released before the dead line of Nov 7th as promised.

Release us all on general amnesty or on a common mechanism they have asked. Please do not cheat us quoting legal approach and releasing us in stages. How the Government which is speaking about reconciliation could reject us?, they ask.

Do not drag time pointing out National Security. We are not going to make more risk than already released 12,000 militants. We also wish to spend what is left of our lives with our families after spending major part of our lives in the prisons, they had said.

They also have requested the CM, to call for a hartal and Religious dignitaries, civil societies, politicians and the public to take part in the hartal. Meanwhile , It was promised that 30 TPPs will be released today, no such arrangements had been made, it is reported.