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Students abducted in Colombo were kept in Trincomalee Naval Base, say the CID

The CID informed court yesterday that the 11 persons abducted in Colombo during 2008 and 2009, especially the Tamil students had been kept in Trincomalee Naval Base.

When the attorneys appearing for the missing persons said that they are still not aware of the position of their clients, police informed the Court the inquiries are being continuing.

Earlier CID had informed court that, former body guard of naval Commander Vasantha Karanagoda, Sampath Munasinghe was responsible for the abduction 11persons in Colombo detaining them in underground cells, and demandin 5 million as ransom money . They said they had found the Passport ,NIC and other documents belonging to the abducted people in the roomed Sampath Munasinghe.

They also said  that, Sampath Munasinghe  could not have done these things without the knowledge of Vasantha Karanagoda.