Saturday 15 August 2020
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Students mass for TPPs – Rally yesterday in Jaffna

Students mass for TPPs – Rally yesterday in Jaffna

An attention drawing rally was held yesterday in Jaffna insisting the un-conditional release of all Tamil Political Prisoners and granting the demands of 3 TPPs in Anuradhapura Prison.

Hundres Thousands of people including the students of the Educational Colleges, Jaffna University, Technical College, Higher National Technical college, and the public participated in this event organized by the Students of the Jaffna University.

The rally which started at the University of Jaffna, proceeded along Palaly Road, Navalar Road, and Temple Road to reach the District Secretariat, Jaffna.

The memoranda consisting of the demands of the Students, were handed over at the UN Office in  Navalar Road to be delivered to UNHRC Commissioner Seiad Al Husein, the chief of the 11thsession of UNHRC, Joqueen Alexander, US Representative at HR Mechanism , Geneva, Theodore Alectra.

Highlight of the memoranda

  • The US brought the 2015 resolution, and then allowed 2 years extension  to Sri Lanka and now it seems that finally everything has been handed over to Internal Mechanism.
  • International community has obligations on the distresses caused to Tamil Political Prisoners.
  • As per International Laws war prisoners cannot be subjected to Criminal Law. But the GOSL is not prepared to look at convicted Political prisoners as Prisoners of war.
  • UN and America should approve all arrested under PTA as Political Prisoners.
  • International mechanisms and intervening forces have an obligations in this matter.

The copies of the memorandum were sent to PM, Ranil Wickremasinghe, Leader of Opposition, Era Sampanthan, Leader of the Reconciliation Task Force, Chandrika Kumaranathunga, and CM, C.V.Wickneswaran, said the students of the Universirty of Jaffna.

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