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Students of University of Jaffna stage a Protest today calling for justice for the murdered Students

The Students of the University of Jaffna commenced a peaceful protest rally at around demanding justice for the murder of the two students on last Thursday.The rally started at around 9.00 a.m. today near the University and is proceeding towards District Secretariat.

All students union of the Unions have jointly organized the protest. At the end of the rally the students will proceed to Kantharodai to attend the funeral of one of the students killed in the incidents.Meanwhile the University student attending the funeral of the other student held protest yesterday blocking A9 road which prevented traffic for around 3 hours.

The All University Student Federation has announced that protest Rallies will be held in all universities, demanding justice for killed students. The Convener of the Federation Lahiru Weerasekara announced this decision in a press conference yesterday.

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