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Subsidy for Kiththul Jaggery , granted by Government but not for Palmyrah Jaggery , Nagan express concern

The President of the Thellipalai Coconut – Palmyrah Cooperative Union, Nagan Kanesan expressed concern over the Government granting subsidy to Kiththul Jaggery but not to North’s Palmyrah Jaggery.

He further said that 4,000 workers  are directly engaged in the production of Jaggery and nearly 50,000 people are depending on this as their livelihood.

The Government or the officers concerned are reluctant to study the needs of these people and try to  exclude these people from the Society.

There were more than 17 branches before 1990 displacement and currently branches re operative on at Sittium puliyadi,Senthankkulam and Kaneswaram. Our products are produced safe and hygienically produced so the foreign and local people could consume them safely, he said.

We are intending to double the production of ‘Pathaneer’ targeting the tourists this year and we are establishing new branches in close proximity to tourist centres.

If the politicians and officials who clamour to import liquor detrimental to human health help us , we could preserve this traditional product.