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Sudden, spontaneous clearing of Maveerar Thuyillumillams at Kanakapuram and Mulankavil in Kilinochchi

The arrangements to commemorate the Maveerar Day have been vigorously undertaken all over Tamil Home lands, despite the ban on it being announced by Ministers of the government.

Arrangements to commemorate tomorrow the Maveerars, who had fallen fighting with all their hearts, for the liberation of Tamil people and our kins who were killed in the merciless war, were undertaken on an intensive note this year after a lapse of 7 years.

Various  Thuyillumillams all over the Tamil Home Lands were destroyed by the security forces after war, and some were occupied by them urging a parent of a Maveerar to say that, ” They have destroyed and desecrated the resting places of our children and standing with their boots on the same spots where our children had been buried.” In the past 7 years no public attempt was made to commemorate the Maveerars publicly and the Security Forces ensured that no one went near the Thuyillumillams.

Arrangement are being made this years for commemorating Maveerars. The Thuyillumillams located at Kanagapuram and Mulankavil in Kilinochchi District were cleared yesterday as a precursor to the commemoration. The cleaning work was led by the TNA’s NPC Member, S.Pasupathypillai. It was carried out from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00p.m. although few people were present at the start the number increased later.

The Intelligence people came to the spot in the morning, but when I clarified to them that we are not going to do anything against Sinhala people or the Government, we are going to remember our dead relatives, they went away, said Pasupathypillai. The Mulankavil Thyillumillam which was planned to be cleaned today, also was cleaned yesterday.

Arrangements have been made to identify the Maveerar graves’ former locations and light sacrificial flames there. (Photos:vannionline.com).

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