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Suluxan had died by shooting and Kajan died in the crash of the accident: says Postmortem report

The magistrate of the Jaffna Magistrate Court, C.Satheestharan issuing a verdict on the shooting case in which two students of the University of Jaffna were killed, said that according to the Postmortem report, student, Wijayakumar Suluxan ( aged 24) had died hit by a bullet and the other student, Nadarajah Kajan (aged 23), of Kilinochchi had died in the crash of the accident.

The case regarding the shooting was taken up for hearing yesterday in the Magistrate Court, Jaffna. The 5 policemen who identified as suspects were produced in the Court. The police who is undertaking inquiries submitted in Court, evidences like, blood samples, dresses of the students, and the empty casing recovered from the spot in the Court.

During this hearing, the Attorney’s who appeared on behalf of the killed students informed the court that there are valuable evidences in possession of them and sought permission of the Judge to hand them over to the CID. The Judge instructed the police to obtain the evidence in possession of the Lawyers.

It is notable that the Police who earlier said that the two students were killed in an accident later accepted that they had fired on the students.