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What does Sumanthiran, born and bred in Colombo, knows about the struggle of the Tamils and its pains: says Suresh pungently

The Leader of the EPRLF, Suresh Premachandran pungently asked , ” What does Sumanthiran, born and bred in Colombo know about the struggle of Tamil People and the pains they have suffered?”

He queried so in a propaganda meeting held at Kidachchury in support of candidate A.Arunthavarasa.

Elaborating further he said, Tamil people have lost their possessions and kith and kin for want of a proper solution  to them and queried as what this person called Sumanthiran knows about North and East, the struggle and the pains it had given.

Think about whether a person born and bred, studied and employed in Colombo could understand these pains and because of this his activities are against Tamil people. Sumanthiran is saying that we have gone half way with Interim Report and to traverse the other half, the Tamil people should their Mandate to TNA. This is a mandate for a nonexistent matter. Knowing well that the interim Report is on that could bury the Tamil people deep, he is asking for ma mandate.

May be that the House symbol is the symbol of Thanthai Selva. May be that the rising sun had come later. May be it is suppressed for sometimes and we have to go into the house. But, what we have to evaluate is whether we are going to get our solution stage by stage or are we going to sell ourselves wholesale?, he said.