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Sumanthiran cannot express his personal opinion, says TELO Leader, Selvam Adaikalanathan

We will not allow Sumanthiran to speak whatever he want in the guise of the Spokesman for TNA, said TELO Leader Selvam ADaikalanathan.

The Central Committee meeting was held the TELO Head Office in Vavuniya yesterday. In a press conference after the end of the Central Committee meeting , Adaikalanathan said as above in answering questions from media.

Anything Sumanthiran say as the spokesman of the TNA, shall be opinions relevant to TNA. He cannot impose his personal views as that of TNA. WE have several time insisted this with him

Whenever Sumanthiran express some thing on behalf of TNA, they should be acceptable to us also.

It is improper to say his ideas in the name of TNA, he said.