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Sumanthiran flees book launch by people’s upheaval

Sumanthiran had to flee a book launch held in Jaffna due to the protest and upheaval of people who shouted against him.

The book written by Political analyst M.Thirunavukarasu, ” The political Constitution of Sri Lanka” was held at Nachchimar Kovil, Jaffna. A large number people including the public and university students participated in.

TNA MP, M.A.Sumanthiran was invited to deliver the review of the book. But he deviated from the purpose and started attacking TPC and TPNF, and covertly attacking the declaration of the Ezhuka Thamizh, which incited the spectators who started all sorts of accusations against Sumanthiran, including that he became an MP on somebody else’s vote . Ultimately, he was hurriedly escorted out by his body guards and left the venue, in the car of a member of the NPC leaving behind his own car.

Much tension was created by the people who came with Sumanthiran and their helpers who tried to photograph the protesters. They also shouted to stop Sumanthiran from speaking, despite several request from Prof. Emeritus S.K. Sittampalam  to keep peace. However, it was a helper of an NPC member who is also an Attorney at Law was seen videoing the protesters from the balcony of the hall protected by the police.

An argument occurred aloud between Sumanthiran and Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam  on the stage and this fueled the fury of the people.

Protests were also raised against the Opposition Leader of NPC, Thavarasa and TULF Leader V. Aananthasangari.