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Sumanthiran has no authority to vulgarize the armed struggle: K.V Thavarasa

Sumanthiran has no authority to vulgarize the armed struggle. No Tamil with self respect will never commit adultery with anyone, says President’s Counsel and a leading lawyer K.V Thavarasa.

“No one has the right to vulgarize the armed sruggle of the Tamil People. Former member of Parliament and the Spokesman of Tamil National Alliance, M.A.Sumanthiran expressing such opinion has created an unhealed wound and pain in the hearts of the Tamil people. This is a strongly condemnable”, said K.V.Thavarasa, the President of the Colombo District branch of Illankai Thamil Arasuk Kaddchchi.

Elaborating further he said that, there is a historical factor for the armed struggle of the Tamil people. During that period as no other way is available, for fighting against the oppression against Tamil people, Armed Struggle became the only solution.

Not only the Liberation Tigers but also other liberation movements were also pushed into armed struggle.

Whichever the People’s struggle, it is unavoidable that, it first commence as a movement’s  armed struggle and later its leaders going into main political main stream, which has been the trend from the Mandela era. Does Sumanthiran  unaware that movements up to Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna are the best examples for such struggles?

Sumanthiran had said in a video interview granted on 08.05.2020 that he will never acknowledge the armed struggle of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

It is humourous that Sumanthiran saying that he had never appeared for Political Prisoners (former Liberation Tigers / supporters) and that he appeared for Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna in 1990s.

His statement that only he and Sampanthan accept the National Flag and the National Anthem of Sri Lanka, seems to be alienating the other former members of the Parliament.

It is obvious that, Sumanthiran is acting in contravention to the wishes and expectations of the Tamil  People. Although the Leadership of the Tamil National Alliance had said that opinions of Sumanthiran are his personal ones, and not of the Party, Sumanthiran’s statement has created shock waves among the Tamil People. I, who had appeared in several thousand criminal cases of Tamil Political Prisoners for the last 4 decades without caring for the life threats made against me, in the field until now, am also living among the Sinhala People.

I have never thought of expressing any opinion like a coward, bowing down to any ideology to betray or vulgarize Struggle of the Tamil People, for my own interests.

Sumanthiran should realize that he had wounded the hearts of the Tamil People. A person who is in a responsible post in the party should be more careful of his words.

It is my prayer that, at a time when the Parliamentary Elections are drawing near, such opinions should not affect the interests of the Party.