Thursday 9 April 2020
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Sumanthiran issues an open challenge for debate on Interim Report

Sumanthiran issues an open challenge for debate on Interim Report

If someone, whether he is the Chief Minister or NPC Minister, will say that there is nothing in the Interim Report for Tamils, I am ready to debate with them on that matter, said the Spokesman of the TNA and MP, M.A.Sumanthiran.

The 17th death Anniversary of former Mp, Asley Nimalan Saundranayagam was held yesterday at Morakkoddanchenai in Batticaloa under the aegis of ITAK’s  Koralaipattu South Branch.

He said as above while speaking in the above event. Elaborating further he said:

Nobody should fear about Federal System. The federal system was first introduced by the Sinhalese. Kandyan Sinhalese recommended this first, to the British.

Nobody can say that, this is against the Sinhalese people. We must say these things in way that will not frighten them.

The Constitution of a country should not frighten Its citizen. If they get afraid of words, then the words should be kept out and examine the contents. We should see whether the power to rule our people in our state, which is the aspiration of our people for the last 70 years,  is there or not.

Nobody can say that the basic matters of our people had been refused in the Interim Report. We have come only half the distance.

The people should reject people, who say that, we should blunt down and forego an opportunity where a political solution which will compensate all our losses,  will be reached, he said.

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