Tamil Diplomat

Sumanthiran says, Sri Lanka seconded the UN resolution because it is having a will to implementing it.

In a press meeting held in Jaffna Sumanthiran, the TNA Spokesman , said that the Sri Lanka Government seconded the UN resolution because, it is having a will to implement it. although initially the terminologies of Hybrid court and de-militarization were used, they were replaced but phrases like,    “ private lands should be returned to owners” , “ Military should not interfere in the routine life of people” “ Military Officers identified as war criminals should e dismissed” were used. Overall, we consider this a s step down from the original draft he said.

The assurance of Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera that a solution would be found to the ethnic problem through a new constitution had only com in the final draft.

The resolution of the UN will not bind any nation unless it accepts the resolution. But here theconnected country had seconded the resolution. If it will not implement it, it will have to face dire consequences he said.