Saturday 8 August 2020
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Sumanthiran’s statement on LTTE and armed struggle draws fire from all around

Sumanthiran’s statement on LTTE and armed struggle draws fire from all around

The controversial statement of TNA spokesperson M.A.Sumanthiran on LTTE, its leader Prabhakaran and the overall armed struggle has had drawn condemnation from all around, even from within TNA.

Justice C.V.Wigneswaran ( TMK – former CM, NP) – I was shocked by the statement of Sumanthiran to a Sinhala media. Such statements from such persons, chances have been created for unfavourable opinions on the armed struggle and our current political activities among the Sinhala masses.

Selvam Adaikalanathan(TELO) – The statement to a Sinhala media by M.A. Sumanthiran making obscene of the whole armed struggle for Liberation  is un-excusable. ITAK should take action against him.

Charles Nirmalanathan – ( Writes to Sampanthan)  Remove Sumanthiran as the spokes person of TNA. Sumanthiran should stop putting out such opinions about Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Convene the Central Committee of ITAK to make a decision on Sumanthiran.

Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam ( TNPF) – Sumanthiran congratulated the Government for bringing the war to an end.Tamil people should understand the removal of Tamil Nationalism from TNA’s policy and should reject TNA. In an interview to a Sinhala media he had never accepted the armed struggle and that he is accepting the Lion flag and the National Anthem of Sri Lanka.

Ananthy Saseetharan – After obtaining the votes of Tamil people using the LTTE and the sacrifices of the Tamil people, if Sumanthiran says that, Prabhakaran undertaking an armed struggle is wrong, he could have as well got his votes from Sinhala people with whom he is friendly from his age of 5 years.

Supporting Sarath Fonseka, supporting Godd Governance Government and then supporting Rajapakses are acts of cheating Tamil people.

There are Sinhala leaders in the south, who speak about the justification of the struggle of the Tamils.

In this context, persons who identify themselves as Tamils and then go on to make obscene of armed struggle and its unequalled sacrifices should excluded from Tamil politics. If the Tamil people are not vigilant, more than southern chauvinists, these acting as moderates will bury us deep.

2 thoughts on “Sumanthiran’s statement on LTTE and armed struggle draws fire from all around

  1. Siva

    We have very good cultured Sinhalese Muslim people feel that we all should live in harmony. It’s far better select such people as a spokes person for the Tamils instead of sending this selfish traitor on our behalf.


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