Tamil Diplomat

Support to the struggle of the Medical students

The New Democratic Marxist Leninist party has pledged support to the struggle of the Medical Students of the University of Jaffna. The secretary of the Party, K.Senthivel has issued a media report in this regard.

He has said in his report that the Students of the Medical faculty of the University of Jaffna has undertaken a week long protest struggle, demanding that the free Medical College and the free medicine be protected and the ban on admitting students to Private Medical Colleges. Our party pledges full support for this struggle.

During the last regime and in 2008 SAITEM  or South Asian Institute of Technical and Management Studies was started. In 2011 A medical unit was formed there and students paying very large amounts of money were enrolled there. This is the first of the attempts to bring Private Medical colleges into our country.

The All university students and teachers and social enthusiasts opposed this right from the start. But this activity is being continued in Mathri’s government also. The Government should ban this. The support of our party will be ever with Medical Faculty Students opposing the handing over the Medical Sector to Private companies, he has said.