Tuesday 11 August 2020
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Surveying for land acquisition abandoned due to opposition from land owners

Surveying for land acquisition abandoned due to opposition from land owners

An attempt to survey 300 Lachchcams in Nedunkulam area in Jaffna, with an intention of acquiring them was temporarily abandoned due to opposition from the owners of the said land.

300 lachchams of land in Nedunkulam grama Officer Division of the Jaffna  Divisional Secretary area had long been laid unclaimed for a long time. The Divisional Secretary had identified this area and had undertaken activities to establish a new colony scheme in the area.On the basis of this activities were undertaken to acquire these lands.

However, a woman claimed with the District Secretary that her land in extent of 80 lachchams are included in this lot and had rejected District Secretary’s offer of compensation and insisted that she need the land. Thereafter action was taken to exclude her 80 lachchams and acquire the balance 220 lachchams and surveying was to be yesterday.

In this context , the owners had congregated in the area and had staged a protest there against the Surveying.

Thereafter the officer who came for the surveying had temporarily stopped the surveying and had obtained a protest letter from the other owners to the Divisional Secretary.

The Deputy Mayor of Jaffna Municipal Council, member, and former NPC members participated in this protest in support of the owners.


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