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Surveying of land for Navy at Pallimunai abandoned due to opposition of people

An attempt to acquire land for Navy at Mannar Pallimunai was abandoned due to strong opposition from people. Few months earlier also an attempt to acquire the same lands was foiled by the people’s opposition.

People were living in the 25 house scheme area from 1956. They were displaced in 1990 due to war. The Police invaded their lands and after the police vacating the land Navy encroached into the lands.People were unable to return to their lands for 26 years.

The owners had filed a case for the release of their lands and 21 hearings had occurred with the 22 to be heard on September 20th.

When the surveying attempt was made yesterday, people were adamant in not allowing the surveying . After police came and had discussions with both sides the attempt was abandoned. The NPC Members, Primus Sirayva, Dr.G.Gunaseelan, were present during the incident.