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Suspect released in SSP Wijewardena Murder case by Jaffna High Court, on inadequate evidence

LTTE’s area leader for the Inuvil area, Praveen Suharaj,who was arrested in 2009, as a suspect in the abduction and murder of then SSP, Wijewardene at Innuvil.

The Jaffna High court judge, M.Illancheliyan had released the suspect, citing that the charges had not been proved beyond suspicion, and the inadequacy of the police inquiries etc.

On 4.8.2005, a youth was shot dead by army inside a salon in Inuvil. People staged protests and STF was massed around the spot. In the ensuing confusions, the SSP was abducted and his body was later recovered in a by lane with his uniform thrown over his corpse.

A suspect seen in spot photographs was arrested and he was figured as a main witness. He said some took away his shirt, worn it to the SSP and took him away.

Suharaj, arrested in 2009 and was detained under the PTA. Although a person called ‘Gopi’ with only one hand was also cited as a suspect, but no such person existed said the judge in his order.