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SUV runs from law enforcement, crashes into vehicle containing 2 children

An SUV slammed into another SUV at the intersection of North Graham Street and Grey Road. Two small children were inside one of the vehicles, but neither were injured.

Witnesses said the driver of one SUV was running from law enforcement Tuesday morning, when it ended up slamming into another SUV, which had a newborn and a three-year-old inside.”They got him when he stopped. They tried to pull him over before this and the guy ran,” family friend Genia Rahmlow said.

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

Police said the driver is now in custody.Rahmlow said she rushed over to check on her friends and to ensure the small children were okay.”It was his wife and his two children, a baby and a three-year-old,” Rahmlow said. “It was very scary. Especially with both babies in the car.”

Witnesses believed the Drug Enforcement Agency was the group who chased the driver who eventually crashed.