Tamil Diplomat

Syria conflict: Rebels ramp up attacks on government-held Aleppo

Rebel fighters in east Aleppo have intensified their attempts to break the Syrian government’s siege, ahead of what Russia says will be their last chance to leave the city in safety.

Many people have been killed or injured in rebel attacks on western, government-held areas.

Russia, a key ally of the Syrian government, says rebel fighters may leave with their weapons during a 10-hour window on Friday.

But rebels have rejected the offer.

They said they would not surrender and would continue their efforts to break the siege.

After the brief lull in fighting, Russian and Syrian warplanes are expected to resume bombing rebel areas, where about 250,000 people remain trapped and are enduring food shortages, price hikes and scant medical capacity as well as the bombing.

Government forces have been besieging the rebel-held east since July.(BBC,2016)