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TAG assessment shows lack of progress on accountability in Sri Lanka

Together Against Genocide (TAG) has expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of progress on Justice for crimes against humanity, including genocide, in Sri Lanka.

According to TAG’s assessment, Sri Lanka has only made good progress on 3 of 33 recommendations of the OHCHR investigation on Sri Lanka.

“All these 3 items relate to the planning stage, meaning that there has been no substantive implementation of Resolution 30-1 beyond a planning exercise. Of further note are the 8 or more contra indications and counter-statements made by Sri Lanka’s senior political leadership, including outright denial of their commitment to implementing in full Sri Lanka’s own pledges to the UN Human Rights Council” TAG said in a media release issued this week.

TAG Advocacy Officer Andrew Thorpe-Apps said ‘Together Against Genocide calls on the members of the UN Human Rights Council to use bilateral mechanisms at their disposal to ensure that Sri Lanka fulfils its commitments to its own citizens and to the Council and delivers on its pledge to bring perpetrators of some of this century’s worst mass atrocities to justice.”

TAG Report ‘No justice, no truth ‘is available here: No Justice, No Truth

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