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Take Immediate action to hand over the lands: TNA tells the Government

Jaffna District Parliamentarian and Official spokesman for TNA, Suresh Premachandran had asked the Government to take immediate action to hand over the lands of the public in Trincomalee, Mullaitheevu, Jaffna and Vanni Districts, to their owners and to re-settle them with all infrastructures in their lands.

Approximately 1100 acres belonging to 4,000 persons located in Sammpur in  Trincomalee were disseised by the government under the guise of creating HSZ.

8 Temples, 6 schools, one hospital and houses of the general public were destroyed. later, the area was declared a Special Economic Zone, but to date no structure was put up there. This area was handed over to the Gateway Industries owned by Thilsan Wickremasinghe, a close relative of Shiranthi Rajapakse, the wife of the former President.

It is a great crime of the Government to disseised the land belonging to the public first under the guise of HSZ and the under the guise of Special Economic for their relative.