Tamil Diplomat

Take steps to hand over acquired lands to owners: Suresh Premachandran

Tamil National Alliance Spokesperson Parliamentarian Suresh Premacahndran has urged the government to take steps to return the lands acquired from the people in Trincomalee, Mullaitheewu, Jaffna and Vanni areas to the original owners.

He went on that in Sampoor, 1100 acres of land belonging to 4000 families were acquired by the Mahinda regime unjustifiable under the pretext of setting up a security zone. Later, it was declared an economic zone. Thereafter, it was handed over to a relative of former First lady. It is a great injustice to have acquired lands from the villagers under the pretext of security zone and economic zone and to have handed over the same to individuals.

He also charged that the former government has handed over 2000 acres of salterns in Kuchchaveli to a person from Kuchchavely. Therefore, this issue must be given priority by the new government and relief must be given to victims.