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Take us to our own lands where we lived 25 years ago, Jaffna IDPs request Maithri

President Maithripala Sirisena promised in Jaffna that he will solve the problems of the people of Valli North in six months. He proposed there that he will form a special Task Force including Political Leaders, Tri Forces and members of the Civil Societies.

He was speaking in the state Christmas celebration in Jaffna. The participants included the NCP Chief Minister,  C.V.Vigneswaran, MP, Ankajan and State Minister Wijeyakala Maheswaran. TNA MPs did not participate  in this celebration.

I went to see the people living in the IDP camps  for 25 years , without telling them. I went and met them in their homes. I talked to them. I went inside their homes and saw their living state. I went into their kitchens ; I looked at their cooking utensils. I spoke to the Children and inquired from them as to how they are studying. I asked their parents as to how they are living.

They all raised their hands and told me only one story.  They asked me to take them to their own lands, on which they lived 25 years ago. I will solve the problems of these people who are undergoing tribulation for 25 years in six months. I will constitute a special Task Force for this including Political Leaders, Tri-Forces and Civil Society members, he said.

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