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A Tamil film song that praises Thala Ajith from start to end

Actor Sivabalan popularly known as Appukutty has a great deal of respect and affection towards Thala Ajith as the latter is a true well-wisher.of him. Sivabalan has acted with Ajith in ‘Veeram’ and ‘Vedalam’. It was during the shooting of ‘Vedalam’ that Ajith conducted a special photo shoot for Sivabalan. Now the duo is acting together in ‘AK 57’.

Now its Sivabalan’s turn to express is Thala affection publicly. He has done that through the film ‘Kaagidha Kappal’ in which he has played the lead role.

The film directed by S.Sivaraman includes a song in praise of Thala Ajith and this song is sure going to be a great attraction for the film. The song starts as ‘Thalaya Patha Thannambikka Varum’ ( Just a look at Thala will fetch you self-confidence). This will also be a complete delight for every Ajith fan out there.

‘Kaagidha Kappal’ has been scheduled to hit the screens on October 14.