Friday 30 October 2020
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Tamil Homeland completely paralyzed- Hartal observed with full success

Tamil Homeland completely paralyzed- Hartal observed with full success

Under the aegis of the integrated Tamil Parties, a Full Hartal in protest against the oppression of banning Thileepan commemoration was held today , Monday.

In a context where a ban was proclaimed on the commemoration of Thileepan, the 10 political parties unitedly and the public organization had earlier put out a call for a Full Hartal  to protest in a democratic way against the recent outrages of the government on the Tamil People.

The Tamil people had given their full cooperation to this Hartal and their full support.

It is notable that the Muslim community also has shown its righteous support to Full Hartal by participating in it full in an unprecedented way.

Police and Army were massed in the North during the Hartal. The police have collected particulars of teachers who were not present in the schools yesterday.

The Army and Military intelligence people were in action from the day before yesterday evening in compelling  the shop keepers to open their shops yesterday and made several shops to open yesterday. However after the Chairman, Thiyagarajah Nirosh assuring that no one could stop supporting the Hartal, most of the opened shops put up their shutters again.

Meanwhile, in a press release at the end of the successful Hartal, Mawai Senathirasa,  on behalf of the 10- parties union had said that the Full Hartal was very successful and the Government should understand the united demands insisted by these struggles and grant the democratic rights of the Tamil people.

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