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Tamil Homeland gears up to remember her ‘maveerar’ sons and daughters after 7 anguishing years

The Home Land that was curtailed into oppression for the last 7 years following the war is gearing up to commemorate its Maveerars who had laid their precious lives in the liberation struggle for the Tamil People.

Kilinochchi /Kanagapuram, Mulankavil and  Mullaitheevu/ Vannivilankulam Thuyillumillams have been cleaned and prepared for the Commemorations to be held at 6.05 p.m. today with lighting of sacrificial flames and flower tributes.

TNA MP, Sritharan has put out a call in the Parliament for all people to rally round peacefully to commemorate the Maveerars. “This is a holy day on which we commemorate our Maveerars who laid down their life for a Holy Cause and glows like un-douseable cinders in the sky of Liberation. The death of a liberation fighter is not an ordinary event. It is a historical event. ” he had said.

The commemoration of the Democratic Militants will be held at Uduthurai.