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Tamil Lawyers ask UN to set up team to examine allegedly poisoned ex-LTTE cadres

The Tamil Lawyers’ Forum (TLF) has petitioned the Office of the UN Human Rights Commissioner to set up a committee of scientists and medical professionals to examine allegedly poisoned ex-LTTE cadres, the New Indian Express reported.

“The very nature of poisonous substance makes it difficult for medical personnel to identify or detect such substance on the mere examination of victims. It is the duty of scientists with medical background and expertise and not merely medical doctors to identify the effects of the ingestion of external substances in the body,” the petition said making a case for such a committee.

The TLF has sought a team of scientists including medical experts of international repute and competence to examine the victims who complain of poisons chemical substance injections while in custody; request the GOSL to grant access for such team of medical experts to conduct investigation on victims in Sri Lanka; and take appropriate action on the Report of the experts’ team .