Wednesday 5 August 2020
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Tamil Leadership had made a mistake, CM Wigneswaran tells people

Tamil Leadership had made a mistake, CM Wigneswaran tells people

The NPC CM, C.V. Wigneswaran said during addrees to people, that, the Tamil Leadership is making mistakes with regard to the new Consttitution. What one or two people say from Colombo does not reflect the minds of the of the people.

The seminar cum discussion session organized by the TPC was held yesterday at the Weerasingam Hall, Jaffna. He said so while addressing the people and then answering their questions.

They say that if we do like this then what is being given could not be received by us. What is the point in giving us  what should not be given. It is difficult to prevent the interim Report when our own people are vigorously supporting it.

Once upon a time there Buddhists in the North. When Bakthy literatures came they abandoned Buddism. Then why should an importance given to an abandoned religion, he asked. I see the people coming from South to force feed a religion abandoned  and for building up Buddhist temples as acts of invation.

As the ethnic problem was not solved by the end of the war, power devolution is needed now. Even now the 13th Amendment had effected some power Devolution. When we said Power Devolution, we meant the ruling us by us. But ha we got was intrusion by Center at their own will. If this goes on like this the people who will be affected are the same people who were affected before war.

War crimes and the power devolution that the UN is expecting to be Transitional Judicial Methods under the International Law have become important for us, but, the Government is trying to avoid them, he said.

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