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Tamil and Muslim university students attacked by Sinhalese students in Peradeniya

First year Tami and Muslim students of the combined Health and Science faculty students were attacked by the second year students of the same faculty yesterday evening and 12 Tamil and Muslim students and 4 of them were warded in the Peradeniya Hospital and the others underwent OPD treatment. Students from Kilinochchi and Jaffna districts are included in the casualties.

We were attacked with poles and helmets after being ordered to raise the hands. The student who used to translate for us was taken aside attacked severely.

We went to Kurinchi kumaran Temple for the founders day of the faculty and while we were returning, suddenly at about 6’O clock, 20 Sinhalese students came in motor bikes and attacked us they said.

Last year also such attack was made on Tamil students, they said.

Mithilasan(Kilinochchi), Priyatharsan (Kilinochchi), Naveer(Pothuvil) and Croos (Mannar) were the students who were warded in the hospital.