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Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passes resolution calling for an international investigation in Sri Lanka

The Tamil Nadu Assembly   unanimously adopted a resolution today calling upon the Central Government of India to ensure that investigation on war crime allegations in Sri Lanka is international, independent and effective.

Introducing the resolution in the Assembly, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms J Jayalalithaa urged the Indian Central Government to diplomatically block the move by the USA if it decides to propose domestic investigations in favour of Sri Lanka and make the US to work in support of the International independent investigation.

Underlining the resolution passed by the Northern Provincial of Sri Lanka, Jayalaitha said “the entire Tamil race stood firmly behind the call for international investigations as demanded by the Northern Provincial Council”.

The resolution demanded, where necessary, the Indian Government work with the US and other countries  to propose a resolution in the UNHRC demanding international criminal investigations to punish those who violated the international  law during the war in Sri Lanka.