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Tamil National Council is created to solve the problems of the Tamil people, says Mawai

The Leader of the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi(ITAK) said yesterday that efforts are being undertaken to create a National Council for working together in solving the problems of Political Solution of the Tamils and for obtaining efficient sector  wise advices and professional Assistances.

We have started to travel, incorporating Tamil Nationalist parties in working together in matters like the political solution of the Tamils and other matters.

We have intend to form this council, including persons like, the Leaders of the Tamil Nationalist Parties, Professional experts, Human Rights Activists, representatives of Diaspora, Investors, Intellectuals, Economical Experts and foreign Representatives such as Jasmin Suka and Navaneethampillai.

Leaders of all Tamil Nationalist Parties have expressed their cooperation for my request regarding the Council. Initial efforts have been undertaken towards this objective and the council will be formed soon, he said.