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Tamil people are demanding to remove the vihares constructed by the Army: says Srithunga Jayasooriya

The Tamil people have not asked to remove neither the Vihare at Nainatheevu nor the vihare in Jaffna. Tamil people are calling for the removal of vihares constructed in areas where no Sinhalese people live, and constructed by the Army, said Sirithunga Jayasooriya, the Leader of the United Socialist Party.

He participated and expressed his opinion in a discussion on ‘How to solve the National ethnic problem’, held Jaffna Public Library, yesterday evening at 4 p.m.

He elaborated further that, ” Although seventy years have passed after  the country became independent, ethnic problem is standing at where it had started. Tamil People have never asked to remove the vihares at Ninatheevu or Jaffna. On the contrary, Tamil people do not like the Vihares being built in areas where no Sinhalese live with the aid of the Army. A Buddha statue was erected in Thirukovil in Ampara District. Police Officer who should have stopped it, were just looking around. Minister Daya Gamage is behind that. All take the ethnic problem as a game. They should come to new path leaving behind all that”