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Tamil People’s Council Formed yesterday to safeguard interest of Tamil people: Highlights

A Civil Organization called Tamil People’s Forum ( Thamil Makkal Peravai ), was formed yesterday to insist on the Tamil People’s Aspirations and their interests with Religious dignitaries, NPC CM , C.V. Wigneswaran, political party leaders and Leaders of Civil societies in Northern and Eastern Provinces.

CM, C.V.Wickneswaran was elected as the President and Heart surgeon P.Luxman and The Secretary of Civil Society organization of Batticaloa, T.Vasantharajah were elected as Joint Vice –Presidents.

Religious dignitaries, with Prof. Sittampalam on behalf of ITAK, Suresh Premachandran on behalf of EPRLF, Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam on behalf of TPNF K.Sivanesan (Pavan) on behalf of PLOT took part in this inaugural meeting held behind closed doors        in the Auditorium of   the Jaffna Public Library.

The Meeting started at around 5p.m.  and concluded at 9.30 p.m. , but the CM left the venue at 8.30.p.m. No Media men were allowed to cover the meeting.

Some highlights of the press release issued after the meeting:

*This Peravai had been formed to achieve the interests, aspirations and Rights of Tamil; people.

* we are in a period where we had to think about the interests of Tamil people going beyond politics bounds.

* We believe that the Sinhala people will accept that an environment should be created where the Tamil, people could live with freedom and rights.

* The solution for the ethnic problem of Tamil people would be possible only with the constructive role played bty International Community.

* The solution to the Tamil People should be one that which will grant their aspirations, Rights of living and characteristics of self determination.

* It is meaningless to adopt decisions of individuals and the ‘jumping the wagons of few politicians as a permanent solution.

In truth, the Peravai had been created  to help all the races of this country, being aware of the truth that permanent Peace and Calm will be possible in Sri Lanka only if the aspirations and rights are granted without hatred.

* The  Peravai will not limit its activities, to the solution for the ethnic problem of the Tamil people but, but will extend its tasks into safeguarding the Cultural and civilization values of Tamil people, getting interested in the society development including Education and Health and bringing the economy and resource usage development to an optimum level.