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Tamil People’s Council is a People’s movement: CM puts a full stop to all speculations

The Tamil People Movement which was inaugurated yesterday is a people’s movement. This is not a political party, said the Chief Minister of Northern Province C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was answering the questions of media men when he said the above.

Question of Media men : After attending the meeting of the Tamil People Forum very confidentially you have come out said you are again dumb. It is speculated that, you have inaugurated a new political Party. Is it true? Did several people who have lost in the last election attended the meeting ?

Answer: Tamil People’s Forum is a people’s movement. It is a people’s movement inaugurated by several types of groups of people, federations, parties and religious dignitaries like the Nallai Atheenam. The group of facilitators invited me to lead it. In truth I was invited as the co- chairman. Dr. Luxman and The Secretary of Baticaloa’s Peoples organization, Mr.Vasantharajah had been elected as Joint Vice Chairmen, with me. This is not a political party. It will have even a thought of entering politics.

Until now we are talking about political solution. Until this day nobody had clarified regarding what the people want. Next, there are several social problems. We did not endeavour to study those problems scientifically. When I heard that this kind of people’s group is pioneering into several good deeds, I consented to join them. They said they had invited political parties. Hon. Sitharthan had consented to come. Mr.Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam was there. If they are going to review political matters, what is wrong in politicians participating in it?

We maintain a cordial relationship with NPC Opposition Leader, Mr.Thavarasa. That does not mean we have formed an alliance. Mr.Gajendrakumar was acting like the right hand of   Mr. Sampanthan. If I am seen with him in a meeting, does it means that I am intending to form a new Party?

I said I am Dumb, because the facilitators said that they will release a statement on the meeting. It was not appropriate for me to issue a statement. I told like that because of this.

This Forum is not a Political Party. This is also not an inaugural meeting to form an alternate hegemony.   This is really Project advancement related to presenting a political solution and to building up the post-war Tamil society, along with Civil Society representatives.