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Tamil Political Prisoner wins State Literary Award and Tamil Sangam Award for Novel written in prison

A Tamil political Prisoner Sivalingam Arooran was awarded the State Literary Award for the novel he had written in the Prison and published out. His Novel “ Yalisai”  depicting the constructive and humanitarian roles as a wife, aunt, daughter in law and a society member, played by a re-habilitated former female militant. The same Novel also won the Era Uthayanan Award, awarded jointly by the Colombo Tamil Sangam and London Tamil Sangam.

His father A.Sivalingam received the Award from the President yesterday, on behalf of his incarcerated son. He will also receive the Award of the Tamil Sangam tomorrow in Colombo.

Arooran a Hons. Graduate of the University Moratuwa  and was reading for MSc in Water Engineering when he was abducted in a white van off Soysapura Flats , Colombo  on 2008.3.24th. He had spent the last 8 years in several prison and finally is in Magazine prison. The Novel “Yalisai” was written completely in the Prison, and had gained glowing reviews from critics.