Tamil Diplomat

Tamil Political prisoners Revenged in Anuradhapura prison:Put into a small cell

Following the release of election results, revenging activities had been unleashed on Tamil Political prisoners. The 49 political prisoners detained there had started a fasting protest today morning.

Following the election result some Prison officials Uppuldeniya, Abeysinghe and Sunil had ill treating the political prisoners. They had been transferred to a small cell.

They were not allowed to use the toilets and some small tins were given to them for the purpose. Following this, heated arguments had taken place between the prisoners and the prison officials.

Saying that, the regime change had occurred because of your people, the officials had warned the prisoners severely. It is known that, two political prisoners were beaten to death, two years back. Hence the Tamil Political prisoners are in fear from yesterday. As a consequence the Tamil political prisoners had started a fasting protest this morning, demanding to assure their security and to transfer them to prisons in their native places.