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The Tamil Society should attempt to get maximum possible Powers, says the Eastern PC CM, Naseer

The Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council, Seinulabdeen Naseer Ahamed, said the Tamil and Muslim communities have got together and fighting to get maximum possible power through the new Constitution to be enacted.

He said so in an event relevant to the implementation of Projects  of Local Government Bodies, held at Eravoor, yesterday.

The Leader of SLMC, Rauff Hakeem and the Leader of TNA, Era Sampanthan are keen on the relation between Tami and Muslim people and Community leaders should be continuously strengthened and conclusive consensus should be reached among us. Initiatives have been already taken in this regard.

If only, the Tamil and Muslim community come together with open hearts, we could obtain maximum possible powers from the Majority Government when the devolution of power is undertaken.

While large scale compromises are needed among the two communities, there is a need for mutual understanding and consensus which will not affect the honour of the communities.

As there will be a danger of the existence of minority communities being subjected to questioning  if we Remain still as divided communities, the consensus among is the need of the hour.

A sustainable peace and co-existence depends on the sacrifices of our two communities, he said.