Tamil Diplomat

Tamils have an apprehension that UN War Crime Inquiry report can be delayed; Wigneswaran tells Hugo

Chef Minister of Northern Province C.V. Wigneswaran has told the visiting UK Foreign Minister Hugo Swire that there is a concern among the Tamil people that UN War Crime Inquiry report could be delayed following a change of regime in the island.

He made these observations when the visiting UK Foreign Minister Hugo Swire met him today and inquired about the situation in the North following the change of government after the presidential poll.

Wigneswaran was briefing the media about the discussion he had with Minister Hugo. He detailed that he had informed him that while several moves of the present government such as removing a governor with a military background and appointing a governor with a civilian background, the transfer of the Chief Secretary following a request by the Northern Provincial Council are encouraging, several other issues such as overwhelming presence of military, returning the lands acquired by the army to the original owners etc. remain to be addressed.