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Is the UN Inquiry becoming a Mirage?

The resolutions brought up under the leadership of America were solely for exerting pressure on the Mahinda Rajapakse government. They were not brought, to demand accountability for the Human Rights violations, war crimes and genocide confronted   by the Tamil people.

Mahinda Rajapakse regime was pro – Chinese and hence, a threat to India and Western countries. That is, the existence of china in Sri Lanka is a threat to the National interest and National security of those countries.

mahin chinaThere was a necessity for that.  The arrival of china greatly depended on the External Affairs of Mahinda Rajapaks. They acted in the hope of getting of the crisis, by pulling down his regime and installing regime favourable to them. This we could see that, the resolutions tabled in Geneva had the motive of, belittling the Rajapakse government and to make him lose his influence at the level of Buddhist Sinhala people.

Those resolutions were signalling a message that, crises will be increased to the people until Mahinda Rajapakse is in power, especially to the Sinhala Buddhist Majority. It is towards this end, India and the western countries utilized the UN, not for the love of Tamil people.

As the present regime is pro- Indian and pro- west, there is a need to strengthen that and establish it. In a country where the Sinhala Buddhist constitute 75% of the total population, attention will be paid only on satisfying that 75% of the people as a way to establish a regime.

If we consider only the voting pattern of the Sinhalese people in the last selection, Majority of them voted for Mahinda Rajapakse. Despite it being riddled with 9 years of corruption, worst family rule and dictatorial regime, a big majority of the Sinhala people continued to support him.

The reason for this is his stance against the Tamils and the people’s stance that he should not be brought before the International court. While the reality is this, there exists a need for attracting the Majority people who voted for Mahinda Rajapakse, towards them. To achieve this, the stance held by Mahinda should be carried forward on that level or more severely than him.

17b6a71885f45d0c136e6a32c71ba242_LTherefore as far as the political solution is concerned, no action will be taken to take it beyond unitary state. Federal concept will be completely rejected, and as far the International investigation and Accountability are concerned, America will utilize its influence together with India to establish Maithri’s government.

In this context, a need is there for America and India, to increase the popularity of the Maithri’s government among Sinhala people.

Thus efforts will be made to block the International investigation with the publication of the investigation report and to stage the matter of accountability locally.

By this situation, the solution for the ethnic problem will be blocked in the illusion of 13th amendment and Provincial Council within the unitary state. On the other side, the matter of accountability will be blocked in an internal investigation under the over view of Maithripala, who had boasted that he was the acting Minister of Defence during the last two weeks of the final stages of the war. This is like the accused investigating his own crime.

In this dangerous situation, to avoid Tamil people being made into orphans, we must be aware of the geo- politics prevailing in Sri Lanka, the advantages and dangers received through it.

US China IndiaWorld   powers may be there. Internal forces may be there. The Tamil leaders who propped up this regime may be there. The only thing they all want is to establish this regime.

But as far as the Tamils are concerned, the only way for us is to take forward our struggle through non- violent and democratic ways to prevent the others from achieving the stability they want, until such time a solution is reached for the ethnic problems on the basis of self-determination and accountability is established for the genocide against the Tamils.

tamils freedomOur struggles and political activities should be advanced as much as possible with peoples’ participation. By this serious crises could be created to forces propping up this regime. These forces will be pushed into a situation where they will have no other way for creating stability other than to come into an agreement with the Tamil people.

The TNA which is acting like lackey of external forces cannot carry forward a work plan related to the interests of the Tamil people. At least now, the Tamil people should come forward to take correct decisions.

Note: This is an English translation of media brief given by Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, to a Tamil Media in Colombo. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, is a former Member of Parliament and the current leader of the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF).